Sold Out: Exhibition Program: Korean Embroidery Workshop

Detail of a textile with bright, embroidered floral motifs
Bridal robe (hwarrot) (front detail), Korea, 19th century. © The Field Museum, Image No. A113982c, Cat. No. 33159. Gift of J. F. G. Umlauff, H. Higenbotham. Photo by John Weinstein.


This program is sold out. Browse other upcoming programs, including a colloquium on Korean fashion.

About the Exhibition

Innovations in fashion, music, film and other arts have propelled Korea to the forefront of the world’s creative stage. Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway explores the extraordinary transformation of Korean costume and fashion over the last 125 years, from the late Joseon dynasty to today’s couture and cutting-edge street fashion. Learn more about the exhibition