Textiles From the Islamic World


Textiles from the Islamic World



Our collection encompasses thousands of textiles from the Islamic world that were used in sacred and secular ceremonies, and daily life in royal courts, villages and nomadic encampments. Spanning from the fourth through the early 20th century, our holdings include garments, furnishing fabrics, animal trappings and other textiles from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Spain, Türkiye, Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia and India.


Suede robe with embroidery

Kazakh man's coat, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 1850-1900, 2002.5.1.

Striped ikat robe

Robe, Central Asia, Uzbekistan, mid-19th century, 2005.36.97.

Textile with design of niche and central floral tree

Tent hanging, India, Golcanda, 1700-1725, 6.129.

Red velvet textile

Velvet cloth, India, 17th century, 6.259.

Textile with central medallion and floral elements

Cover, Caucasus, 18th century, 2.18.

Semicircular cape with pattern of crescent moons

Ecclesiastical garment, Türkiye and Iran, Ottoman empire and Safavid dynasty, 1550-1600, 1994.27.2.

Textile with embroidered flowers

Section of an embroidered cover, Istanbul, 16th/early 17th century, 1.22.


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