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East, Southeast, & South Asian Textiles



Textiles from China, Japan and Korea make up our East Asian collection. A significant number are clothing and furnishings for China’s upper class — including Qing-dynasty rank badges, dragon robes and other imperial dress. Minority cultures of southwest China are represented through costume and jewelry. From Japan, our collection includes a unique group from the Ainu and Okinawan cultures.

Our Southeast Asian holdings focus on Indonesian textiles, but also include "piña" cloth from the Philippines, weavings from various ethnic groups in Laos and weavings from Chin peoples in Myanmar.

Textiles from South Asia include outstanding decorative pieces from India and a small selection from Bhutan.



Long textile depicting two large red ships

Hanging (palepai), Paminggir people, Indonesia, Sumatra, Lampung, the Kalianda Peninsula, 1875-1900, 1962.41.1.

Detail of four white iris plants on textile

Sash (detail), India, 1776-1800, 6.315.

Blue satin robe with dragons

Robe, China, 1870-1890, 1973.30.2.

Blue badge depicting a white egret

Rank badge, China, Qing dynasty, 1800-1830, 51.51.

Bright yellow robe with floral pattern

Eijun Shiroma, kimono, Japan, Okinawa Island, 2017, 2017.8.1.

Red silk textile with gold bands

Shoulder cloth (slendang), Indonesia, Bangka, Muntok, 1875-1900, 1986.13.2.



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