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Textile Museum Journal

The Textile Museum Journal


Our peer-reviewed journal is the leading publication for the exchange of textile scholarship in North America. We release a new volume each fall, digitally and in print. Articles feature research on the cultural, technical, historical and aesthetic significance of textiles from all around the world. The journal was published from 1962 to 2004, and then reinstated in 2017 thanks to support from the Markarian Foundation.

Museum members receive free digital access to the journal as part of their membership benefits. Subscription options are available for libraries, museums and other academic institutions.



About the Current Volume


In The Textile Museum Journal’s 50th volume, nine articles by established and emerging scholars from multiple disciplines examine the cultural, technical and aesthetic significance of historical textiles from regions including Egypt, Türkiye, Japan and England. Topics include the roles of silk, fine wool and velvet textiles within and between societies; material and dye identification; and ancient weaving technology. Read the list of articles in this volume.

If you have questions about the journal, contact Editorial Assistant Daniel Biggs at [email protected].