Volume 16, 1977

Detail from 1977 journal cover
January 01, 1977

Schuyler V.R. Cammann, “Ming Mandarin Squares"

Louise W. Mackie, “Two Remarkable Fifteenth Century Carpets from Spain"

John-Peter Wild, “Classical Greek Textiles from Nymphaeum"

Practical definitions for three openwork techniques

Sally Forelli and Jeannette Harries, “Traditional Berber Weaving in Central Morocco"

Nancy Castle, “A Peruvian Crossed-Warp Weave"

Gordon D. Gibson and Cecilia R. McGurk, “High-Status Caps of the Kongo and Mbundu Peoples"

June Taboroff, “Review of Royal Persian and Kashmir Brocades, by Rahim Anavian and George Anavian"


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