Contemporary Textile Art


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In 2016, the museum began collecting textile artworks from the 20th and 21st centuries that showcase textiles as a vibrant medium of contemporary expression. Our growing collection of contemporary art features works by Ed Rossbach, Jon Eric Riis, Lia Cook, Helena Hernmarck and Cynthia Schira. 


Orange batik

Agus Ismoyo and Nia Fliam, Trash Can of Tradition (Tong Sampah Tradisi), 2003, 2016.11.1.

Blue textile

Shigeki Fukumoto, Double Refraction: Turquoise, 2005, T-2578a.

Red jacket with design of elephants and donkeys

Jon Eric Riis, Congressional Constraint, 2012, 2015.12.1.


Blue ikat textile

Ed Rossbach, Homage to Japan, 1970, 2019.8.3.

Textile with cartoonish faces

Lia Cook, Coptic Manga, 2012, 2017.17.1.

Multicolor textile

Helena Hernmarck, Homage to Mary Kahlenberg, 2012, 2017.18.1.


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