Volumes 38 and 39, 1999–2000


Volumes 38 & 39, 1999-2000



Marion Stirling Pugh (1911–2001)

Monisha Ahmed. “Subduing Demons: Women and Weaving in Rupshu"

Jay Bommer and Deborah Lindsay Garner, “Notes from the Field: On the Trail of Khumi, Khami, and Mro Textiles"

Kim B Howard and Michael C. Howard, “Textiles of the Southern Thái of Viêt Nam"

Nilda Callañaupa and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Men’s Knitted Caps from Chinchero"

Martha Henze, “Tablet-woven Curtains from Ethiopia: New Light on a Puzzling Group of Textiles"

Milton Sonday, “A Group of Possibly Thirteenth-Century Velvets with Gold Disks in Offset Rows"

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