Volume 49, 2022

Volume 49, 2022


Jeffrey C. Splitstoser, Introduction

David W. Fraser, "Mathematics of Design in Plain Oblique Twining"

Nithikul Nimkulrat, "Crafting Novel Knotted Textiles with Mathematics" 

Stephanie Bunn and Ricardo Nemirovsky with the Forces in Translation Research Group, including Mary Crabb, Geraldine Jones, Hilary Burns, and Charlotte Megroureche, "Basketry and Mathematics: Reflections on Curves and Surfaces "

Eva Knoll, "Weaving a No-Waste Garment on the Loom: Understanding Gaussian Curvature" 

Lois Martin, "Keeping Nasca Time: The Brooklyn Museum Textile as a 365-Day Calendar"

Scott Palumbo, Keilyn Rodríguez Sánchez, Frank Morales Céspedes, Julia Marinescu, and Rebecca Rivera, "Indigenous Knotted-Cord Records in Costa Rica"

Jeffrey C. Splitstoser, "A Comparison of Two Knotted-Cord Fabrics: An Inka Khipu and a Costa Rican Census"

Tracy Meserve, Recommendations from the Library


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