Volume 48, 2021


Jean Borgatti, "Indigo Reimagined: A Conversation with Peju Layiwola"

Bernhard Gardi and Michelle Gilbert, "Arkilla, Kaasa, and Nsaa: The Many Influences of Wool Textiles from the Niger Bend in West Africa"

Silvia Forni, "Unraveling Threads: Cloth in Zohra Opoku's Poetic Image Making" 

Elisha P. Renne and Abdulkarim DanAsabe, "Royal Garments of the Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II, 2014–2020"

Myriem Naji, "Reconstructing the Historic Akhnif: A Semi-Circular Woven-to-Shape Cloak of Southern Morocco"

Boatema Boateng, "Not African? Contested Origins of Wax Print and Its High-Fashion Appropriation"

Cécile Fromont, "Getting to Know Early Modern West Central African Textiles: New Evidence, Old Shadows, and the Puzzle of Pineapple Fibers"

Nancy Demerdash, "The Fabric of Diaspora: Memory, Portraiture, and Empowerment in the Quilts of Bisa Butler"

Michael Gervers and Claire Gérentet de Saluneaux, "Between History, Theory, and Practice: Iconographic Analysis and Re-Creation of the Silk and Cotton Tablet-Woven Hangings of Ethiopia"

Research Notes

Tunde M. Akinwumi, "Two Àdìre Cloths and One Fancy Factory-Printed Design as Popular Political Commentary on the Career of Obafemi Awolowo"

Sarah Fee, "Mid-Nineteenth Century Weavings from Imerina, Madagascar: A Missionary’s Collection in Dialogue with Contemporaneous Malagasy Texts"

Okechukwu Nwafor, review of Masquerading Politics: Kinship, Gender and Ethnicity in a Yoruba Town by John Thabiti Willis (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2018)

Recommendations from the Arthur D. Jenkins Library by Tracy Meserve


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