Volume 47, 2020


Mary M. Dusenbury, Introduction

Dominique Cardon, Iris Brémaud, Anita Quye, and Jenny Balfour Paul, "Exploring Colors from the Past: In the Steps of Eighteenth-Century Dyers from France and England"

Elena Phipps, "Woven Brilliance: Approaching Color in Andean Textile Traditions"

Richard Laursen, "The Analysis of Dyes in Textiles"

Walter B. Denny, "Color, Expectations, and Authenticity in Oriental Carpets: The Case of the Anhalt Carpet in the Metropolitan Museum of Art"

Yael Rosenfield and Nobuko Shibayama, "The Color Red: Madder Dyes as Determinants of Provenance in a Group of Kalamkari

Ana Claro and Maria João Ferreira, "Chinese Textiles for the Portuguese Market: Rethinking Their History through Dye Analysis"

Raquel Santos, Ana Claro, Blythe McCarthy and Jessica Hallett, "Color Power: Contributions of Science and Technology to the Study of 16th- and 17th-century 'Vine-Scroll' Carpets"

Jenny Balfour Paul, "Indigo and Blue: A Marriage Made in Heaven"

Raquel Santos, Ana Claro, Ana Serrano, Maria João Ferreira and Jessica Hallett, "Textiles, Trade & Taste—Portugal and the World: A Project on the Global Circulation of Textiles and Dye"

Marie-Eve Celio-Scheurer, "The Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection and Center: Its Future Scholarly Activities and Potential for Research"


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