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Volume 46, 2019

Volume 46, 2019


Ruth Barnes and Cristin McKnight Sethi, Introduction: "In Honor of Dr. Mattiebelle Gittinger"

Sylvia Houghteling and Nobuko Shibayama, "Tools of the Master Dyer:  Dye Materials in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century South Asian Painted Cotton Textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art"

Brigitte Khan Majlis, "Stripes, Checks, and Flowers:  Textile Patterns in the Murals of Lepakshi, South India"

Cristin McKnight Sethi, "An Unusual Shrinathji Hanging from Saurashtra in The Textile Museum"

Susan S. Bean, Diana K. Myers, and Rinzin O. Dorji, "Modeling a Future for Handmade Textiles: Bhutan in the Twenty-First Century"

Rebecca Hall, "An Introduction to Khmer Banners"

Morimoto Kikuo and Louise Allison Cort, "Silk Production and Marketing in Cambodia in 1995:  A Research Report for the Revival of Traditional Silk Weaving Project, UNESCO Cambodia"

Sandra Sardjono, "From Warrior's Attire to Dance Costume:  The Short and Sleeveless Jacket in Ancient Indonesia"           

Ruth Barnes, "Fragments of Splendor:  Indonesian Textiles in the Lloyd Cotsen Collection"

Traude Gavin, "Seven Early Iban Kain Kebat"

Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff, "Original or Imitation?  Batik in Java and Glarus (Switzerland) in the Nineteenth Century"


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