Volume 13, 1974

Volume 13, 1974



The Textile Museum – 50th Anniversary

Junius B. Bird, “The Technical Features of a Middle Horizon Tapestry Shirt from Peru"

Veronika and Michael Gervers, “Felt-making Craftsmen of the Anatolian and Iranian Plateaux"

Charles Grant Ellis, “Is the Mamluk Carpet a Mandala?: A Speculation"

Monni Adams,“Dress and Design in Highland Southeast Asia: The Hmong (Miao) and the Yao"

Walter B. Denny, “A Group of Silk Islamic Banners"

Ellen Johnston Laing, “An Oriental Rug of A.D. 1280"

Anthony N. Landreau, “Reviews of The Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection of Oriental Rugs, by May H. Beattie; Carpets of Central Asia, by Andrei Andreyevich Bogolyubov; Oriental Rugs in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, by M. S. Dimand and Jean Mailey; Oriental Rugs, A Comprehensive Guide, by Murray L. Eiland"

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