Staff & Board

Museum Director John Wetenhall and Associate Registrar Tessa Lummis sleeve textiles for the move to GW.
Museum Director John Wetenhall and Associate Registrar Tessa Lummis sleeve textiles for the move to GW.


John Wetenhall, Director
Ana Kiss, Special Assistant to the Director
Sheila Freeman, Receptionist
Arthur D. Jenkins Library
Tracy Meserve, Librarian
Collections Management
Tessa Lummis, Registrar
Megan Crawford, Collections Specialist
Caitlyn Kennedy, Collections Specialist
Breton Littlehales, Museum Collections Photographer
Sara Berg, Collections Specialist, Corcoran Study Collection
Chita Middleton, Museum Communications and Marketing
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Maria Fusco, Chief Conservator, Margaret Wing Dodge Chair in Conservation
Gennifer Majors, Associate Conservator
Cathleen Zaret, Associate Conservator
Sumru Belger Krody, Senior Curator, The Textile Museum Collection
Lee Talbot, Curator, The Textile Museum Collection
Caroline Kipp, Curator of Contemporary Art, The Textile Museum Collection
Amber "Jackie" Streker, Assistant Curator, Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection
Olivia Desjardins, Exhibition Coordinator
Evan Packer, Editorial Assistant, The Textile Museum Journal
Eliza Ward, Director of Development 
Danielle Gabriel, Assistant Director, Museum Grants and Stewardship
Danielle Tyson, Assistant Director, Museum Membership and Annual Giving
Tom Goehner, Curator of Education
Lori Kartchner, Programs Associate, Museum Collections
Richard Timpson, Director of Exhibition Production and Museum Facilities
Doug Anderson, Exhibition Production Manager
Michael Guy, Museum Facilities Manager
Doug Maas, Managing Director for Finance and Administration
Kibebew Wondirad, Senior Accountant
Research Associates
Carol Bier, Islamic Textiles
Walter B. Denny, Charles Grant Ellis Research Associate for Oriental Carpets
Thomas J. Farnham, Charles Grant Ellis Archives Research Associate
Michael Franses, Oriental Carpets
David W. Fraser, Asian Textiles
Mattiebelle S. Gittinger, Southeast Asian Textiles
Rebecca A.T. Stevens, Contemporary Textiles
Ann P. Rowe, Indigenous American Textiles
Chabrina Williams, Director of Retail Operations

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum Board

Bruce P. Baganz, Co-Chair 
Douglas E. Evelyn, Co-Chair
Marc E. Albert
James A. Bridenstine
Roderick A. DeArment
Alastair Dunn
Thomas Farnham
Virginia McGehee Friend
Geneva Henry
Michael Hickey
Gail Karesh Kassan
Gerhardt Knodel
Terry Murphy
Alex Nyerges
Mary Jo Otsea
​Ruth Rudolph Perlin
Felix P. Phillips
Roger Pratt
Michael M. Seidman
Wendel Swan
Trustees Emeriti
Sheila Hicks
Alice Dodge Wallace
Honorary Trustee
Jack Lenor Larsen
Special Adviser
Robert G. Perry