Red textile with embroidery in yellow and fuschia


Selections from the textile museum collection




Visit the lower-level galleries to explore a rotating selection of global textile art from the museum’s collections. 



About the Display

A colorful selection of head coverings from The Textile Museum Collection include examples from cultures and countries around the world — from practical, everyday styles to lavish pieces worn during state functions, religious ceremonies, funerals or celebrations of marriage and coming of age. Highlights of the display include a 10th-century Yemeni turban for a Muslim man, a Hmong baby hat embellished with brightly colored embroidery and pom-poms, and a feather headdress made by the Bamileke people of the Cameroon Grasslands.


About the Collection

The Textile Museum Collection includes more than 21,000 examples of handmade textile art representing five continents and five millennia. You can explore thousands of works on our growing collections website.