Oriental Rugs

Detail of coupled-column Ottoman Torah curtain, Egypt, The Textile Museum 16.4.4
Coupled-column Ottoman Torah curtain (parokhet), Egypt, Cairo, early 17th century. Wool, 186.5 x 155.5 cm. The Textile Museum R16.4.4. Acquired by George Hewitt Myers in 1915.

The intrinsic beauty of Oriental carpets had a profound influence on George Hewitt Myers's early collecting. As a result, The Textile Museum has one of the most important research collections of Oriental carpets—distinguished by both its range and depth.

Highlights include:

  • a large number of Anatolian and Central Asian rugs
  • one of the finest collections of seventeenth-century Caucasian “dragon” carpets and fragments outside Turkey
  • unmatched holdings of fifteenth-century Mamluk carpets from Egypt
  • Spanish carpets
  • classical Indian carpet fragments

On View

Detail of Peruvian tunic

Selections from The Textile Museum Collection

You can always find a rotating selection of objects from The Textile Museum Collection on view in the museum's lower-level galleries, including many objects that have rarely or never before been displayed.