East and Southeast Asia

Detail of throne cushion cover, China
Throne cushion cover, China, mid-19th century. Silk, metallic-wrapped yarn, 54.2 x 20.6 in. The Textile Museum 51.18. Acquired by George Hewitt Myers in 1940.

The Textile Museum's East and Southeast Asian holdings encompass more than seven hundred textiles from China, including:

  • a rare group of gauze fragments from the Han (206 BCE–220 CE) through the Tang (618–907) dynasties;
  • tapestry weaves from the Song dynasty (960-1279);
  • costumes and furnishings dating to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1912) dynasties.

Highlights from Southeast Asia include stellar examples from the mainland and all the major islands of Indonesia—including a comprehensive collection of Javanese batiksexcellent pieces from Sumatra, and some of the finest Iban textiles in the United States. 

On View

Detail of Peruvian tunic

Selections from The Textile Museum Collection

You can always find a rotating selection of objects from The Textile Museum Collection on view in the museum's lower-level galleries, including many objects that have rarely or never before been displayed.