Detail of Noblewoman's ceremonial overskirt, Shoowa people, The Textile Museum 24.4
Noblewoman's ceremonial overskirt, Shoowa people, D.R. Congo, late 19th century. Raffia palm fiber, 58 x 22 in. The Textile Museum 24.4. Acquired by George Hewitt Myers in 1933.

The Textile Museum has a large collection of African textiles representing diverse textile traditions. These collections include Moroccan and Tunisian textiles from North Africa (excluding Egypt), mostly woven by Berber weavers, as well as embroidered kerchiefs and curtains from urban Algeria, dating to Ottoman period (seventeenth to nineteenth century). The museum's sub-Saharan textile collection is small but richcontaining a number of highly significant pieces.

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Detail of artwork by Vernal Bogren Swift

Selections from The Textile Museum Collections

You can always find a rotating selection of objects from The Textile Museum collections on view in the museum's lower-level galleries, including many objects that have rarely or never before been displayed.