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The Textile Museum established the journal in 1962 to advance the mission of its founder, George Hewitt Myers, to expand public knowledge and appreciation of the artistic merits and cultural importance of the world’s textiles. The journal was an outgrowth of Workshop Notes, the museum's 1950s pamphlet series based on papers presented at its events. Over the years, the journal’s format, audience, and publication schedule have changed based on available resources, technical capacity, and reader feedback.


Since its inception, the journal has published manuscripts based on original research of a documentary, analytical, or interpretive nature. These peer-reviewed contributions are scholarly and accessible to a broad readership—covering a range of archeological, historical, and ethnographic subjects. A single 1977 issue, for example, included scholarly investigation and interpretation of traditional Berber weaving, headgear as status symbol in Central Africa, classical Greek textiles, and fifteenth-century Spanish carpets. 

The journal started as an avenue for museum curators and research associates to publish collections-based research, and included contributions from Charles Grant Ellis, Mattiebelle Gittinger, Ann Pollard Rowe, Carol Bier, and James Trilling. Over the years, it also became a forum for new research on a range of textile topics—from fieldwork results to analysis of objects from other collections—by scholars such as Milton Sonday, Mary Frame, Diana Myers, Jennifer Scarce, John Wertime, Monni Adams, and Michael and Veronica Gervers. Many of the articles are key contributions to scholarship, including pioneering research on pre-Hispanic Peruvian, Islamic, and Southeast Asian textiles.

Originally an annual publication, The Textile Museum Journal switched to a biannual schedule in 1988 due to shortages of financial and human resources. Publication ended in 2005 after volumes 42 and 43. 


Thanks to a Founding Patron gift from the Markarian Foundation in 2016, The Textile Museum Journal resumed annual publication with volume 44 published in 2017 in a digital format. Volume 45 is expected for winter 2018 release thanks to generous support from the Cotsen Foundation for Academic Research, the Markarian Foundation, and Barbara G. Fraser and Dr. David W. Fraser.


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