Volumes 29 and 30, 1990-1991

Detail from 1990-91 journal cover
January 01, 1991

Carol Bier, “Carpet Condition: A Curator's Perception of ‘the Hole"

R. Bruce Hutchinson, “From Restoration to Conservation: Parallels Between the Tradition of Tapestry Conservation and Carpet Conservation"

Jeanne Brako, Robert Mann, and Zoe Annis Perkins. “Woven Traditions: The Integration of Conservation and Restoration Techniques in the Treatment of Oriental Rugs"

Harold F. Mailand, “Traditional Methods and Alternatives for Cleaning, Repairing, and Exhibiting Rugs"

Anne H. Ennes, “The Stabilization of Edges and Ends: Gradations of Intervention"

Jane L. Merritt, “Carpet Conservation: A Survey of Current Practices in Europe"

Sara Wolf Green and Julia B. Swetzoff, “Compensation for Loss in Oriental Rugs: Traditional Methods and Passive Fills

Christophe Bureau and Gilbert Delcroix, “A New Detergent Formulation"

Sarah Gates, “One Hundred Anatolian Flatweaves: Conservation for Exhibition, Travel, and Storage"

Donna M. Horié. “A Family of Nasca Figures"

Ann Pollard Rowe, “Nasca Figurines and Costume"


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