Volumes 19 and 20, 1980-1981

Detail from 1980-81 journal cover
January 01, 1982

Suzanne Baizerman and Cherri M. Pancake, “Guatemalan Gauze Textiles: A Description and Key to Identification"

Junius B. Bird and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Three Ancient Peruvian Gauze Looms"

Anne Paul, “Re-Establishing Provenience of Two Paracas Mantles"

Elayne Zorn, “Sling Braiding in the Macusani Area of Peru"

Lynn Ann Meisch, “Costume and Weaving in Saraguro, Ecuador"

Rogier M.A. Bedaux and Rita Bolland, “Medieval Textiles from the Tellum Caves in Central Mali, West Africa"

M. J. de Raadt-Apell, “Van Zuylen Batik, Pekalongan, Central Java (1890-1946)"


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