Volume 25, 1986

Detail from 1986 journal cover
January 01, 1987

Ellen S. Smart, “A Preliminary Report on a Group of Important Mughal Textiles"

Donald Quataert, “The Carpet-Makers of Western Anatolia, 1750-1914"

Laila Abdel-Malek, “A Tapestry Roundel with Nilotic Scenes"

Masako Kinoshita, “A Braiding Technique Documented in an Early Nineteenth-Century Japanese Treatise, 'Soshun Bikō'"

Mary Frame, “Nasca Sprang Tassels: Structure, Technique, and Order"

Ann Lane Hedlund. “Commercial Materials in Modern Navajo Rugs"

The Textile Museum Annual Report, 1986



Sumru Belger Krody, Editor In Chief

Lynora Williams, Associate Editor

Samantha Niese, Editorial Assistant