SOLD OUT: Conference: Unveiling Fashion: Conversations About Fashion and Sustainability

Keynote Speaker: Lauren B. Fay, executive director, Fashion Revolution USA

Organized by the DC Sustainable Fashion Collective, this one-day conference starts an important conversation locally while bridging the gap between the consumer and the industry. By the end of the day, attendants will be better informed about the negative impact of the fashion industry on people and the planet, and will learn ways they can implement sustainable changes in their own lives and neighborhoods. Visit the conference website for updates on the conference agenda and speakers.

This program is sold out.

About the DC Sustainable Fashion Collective

Our mission is to help a community of creative entrepreneurs, lawmakers, designers, activists, academics, fashion professionals, and consumers in the D.C. Metropolitan Area to understand the importance of sustainability in fashion. We want people to connect, collaborate, and create change together. We are inviting people from different sectors, working directly or indirectly with the fashion industry.