Lecture/Show-and-Tell: Exploring Tibetan Weavings

Nicholas H. Wright, dealer

Tibetan rugs and textiles burst into much wider view with The Textile Museum's seminal exhibition From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Textile Arts of Bhutan in 1994. Since that exhibition, much new information has emerged, as well as new types of Tibetan weavings. However, there still remains much uncertainty about provenance within Tibet, dating weavings, and dyestuffs. With the aid of examples, Massachusetts-based dealer Nicholas H. Wright will illuminate these issues. 

Rug and Textile Appreciation Mornings bring together textile experts and enthusiasts for a thematic show and tell of personal pieces. Free; no reservations required.

Library Special Hours

The museum's Arthur D. Jenkins Library will be open for special hours following this program (11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.). No appointment is needed.