The Textile Museum Journal: Dyers' Notebooks in 18th-Century England and France

Notebook pages with color swatches
Pages from a dye book in the Crutchley Archive (SLHLA 2011/5-13). Photo by Dominique Cardon.


Join The Textile Museum Journal guest editor Mary Dusenbury for an interview with contributing scholar Anita Quye. Dr. Quye will discuss her research on three dyers who made significant contributions to color and dyeing technology.

Together with collaborators Iris Brémaud, Dominique Cardon and Jenny Balfour Paul, Dr. Quye conducted comparative research on notebooks compiled by three different dyers between 1722 and 1747 in London and Languedoc, France. In this interview, she will reflect on the similarity of their palettes, the virtuosity of the dyers as colorists, their shared technical language, and the scientific accuracy of the colors in their portfolios.

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About Anita Quye

Anita Quye is senior lecturer in conservation science at the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History, and head of History of Art at the University of Glasgow. She was formerly principal organic analyst at National Museums Scotland. Dr. Quye’s research focuses on historical dyes and their color recreation and preservation, and she has collaborated and published extensively.

About Mary M. Dusenbury

Dr. Dusenbury is affiliate research curator at the Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas. She has written and lectured extensively on East and Central Asian textiles, and served as project director and editor for an international study that culminated in the publication Color in Ancient and Medieval East Asia. She holds degrees from Radcliffe College/Harvard University and the University of Kansas.

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About the Series

In this series, authors who contributed to volume 47 of The Textile Museum Journal discuss the importance of color studies for understanding the historical and cultural context of textiles. Browse all interviews