Sustainable Fashion Policy 101: How Everyday Consumers Can Advocate for Change in the Fashion Industry

Woman standing in front of a landfill holding a cardboard sign painted with the words "Act Now"
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How can everyday consumers advocate for change in the fashion industry? In partnership with Remake, Climate Classes DC and GW Sustainable Fashion join us for a community fair and special panel discussion on how policy coupled with individual action can be a mechanism for transformative change within the fashion industry.

At the interactive fair, attendees can engage with local makers and organizations about an array of topics from fashion culture and history, garment worker advocacy, textiles, zero waste and conscious consumption.

1 p.m. Fair with local makers and sustainable organizations

2 p.m. Panel discussion

3 p.m. Continuation of fair with local makers and sustainable organizations

4 p.m. Tour of the exhibition Korean Fashion: From Royal Court to Runway (approx. 30 minutes)


Robin Runge, independent consultant and legal expert on gender-based violence and harassment in the world of work; associate professorial lecturer in law at GW's Law School

Caitlin Rooney, director of economic development, Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Tara Vassefi, program analyst, Department of Energy and Environment

Holly Thompson, Zero Waste campaign associate, U.S. PIRG 

Fair Participants


Climate Classes

Department of Energy and Environment

GreenThinker DC and FullFillery

GW Sustainable Fashion


Lady Farmer

Lightside Out



Sunrise GW

Tribute Collective

About Remake

Remake is a nonprofit focused on making fashion a force for good through education, transparency and advocacy. Remake works to educate consumers and empower communities to break up with fast fashion. They organize and engage brands, unions, press and policy makers to reshape the industry, as well as evaluating fashion brands and releasing public reports on the environmental, social and labor conditions within their supply chains.

About Climate Classes DC

Climate Classes DC is a growing local community that empowers individuals to address climate change by learning and sharing sustainable life skills together. Climate Classes holds online, in-person and hybrid events – including cooking classes and panel discussions on clean energy and the fashion industry – and has partnered with local and national groups, including Remake, D.C. Department of Energy and Environment, and Friends of Anacostia Park.

About GW Sustainable Fashion

The GW Sustainable Fashion Group is a collective of students and faculty at the George Washington University aiming to teach students about sustainable fashion practices. They advocate for slow fashion while appreciating fashion as an art form. They strive to create a community where students on campus can come together to support each other.

How to Participate

This program will take place in person at the museum. Fee: $5/students and members, $10/public. Space is limited, so please register online to reserve your spot.