Book Talk: "Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City"

Derek Hyra, associate professor, American University

Author Derek Hyra will discuss the causes and consequences of the dramatic racial and economic changes that have taken place in D.C.’s historic Shaw and U Street neighborhood. For longtime residents, the neighborhood has grown almost unrecognizable in recent years. Where the city’s most infamous open-air drug market once stood, a farmers’ market now sells grass-fed beef and homemade duck egg ravioli. On the corner where AM.PM carryout used to dish out soul food, a new establishment markets its $28 foie gras burger. However, not everyone has benefited from the redevelopment in the neighborhood. Longtime residents and small businesses have moved out or have had to adjust to the arrival of young, relatively wealthy newcomers. In Race, Class, and Politics in the Cappuccino City, Hyra unpacks the complexities of gentrification and offers practical policy solutions to facilitate more equitable redevelopment outcomes. 

This program is part of the D.C. Mondays at the Museum series organized in cooperation with the Albert H. Small Center for National Capital Area Studies. Free; no reservations required.