Lecture: Mughal Textiles as Symbols of Dynastic Succession in the "Padshahnama"

Andrea Gallelli Huezo, architect and art historian, M.A.

In an illustration from Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s official chronicle, the Padshahnama, lavish textiles are part of a royal procession for the delivery of gifts (sachaq) for Prince Dara Shikoh’s wedding. Through examining Mughal fabrics in The Textile Museum collections, Andrea Gallelli Huezo will discuss how Shah Jahan’s strategic inclusion of velvets, banners, and other sumptuous textiles in the sachaq illustrates his intent to establish his son Dara Shikoh as the rightful heir of the Mughal Empire.

This program is part of the museum's weekly Textiles at Twelve series, which explores the textile arts and global cultures through films, lectures, gallery talks, and more. Free, no reservations required.