Member Program: Fiber Ecologies

Rays of light pierce through the ocean's surface with kelp floating in the water
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With the dawn of the Anthropocene, and the emergence of a post-fossil fuel society, our understanding of nature is being reconsidered. The future of textiles and production is based in protecting almost-lost knowledge and on re-evaluating craft to emphasize a symbiotic relationship with the Earth and move to a plastic-less future.

Examined through the lens of textiles, Curator of Contemporary Art Caroline Kipp will share her research on “fiber ecologies,” a concept that explores holistic, nature-based processes, speculative design and experiments from art, design and fashion that are influencing a more sustainable future.

About Caroline Kipp

Caroline Kipp was appointed curator of contemporary art in 2019. Kipp previously worked in the Department of Contemporary Art and the Textile and Fashion Arts Department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she curated and co-curated exhibitions and installations. She holds a bachelor's in fine arts in fibers from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and a master’s in museum studies from Harvard University. As a graduate student, she was the curator for the Harvard Student Art Collective.

How to Participate

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