Film: "Love Songs of the Miao in China"

This richly photographed film captures the lifestyle of the Miao, an ethnic minority group that hails from deep in the mountains of southern China. The Miao preserve their traditions, despite the influence of modern China.

Young and men and women attend the regional festival Pa-po-jeh each year in search of marriage partners from another village. The film focuses on a seventeen-year-old girl who attends the festival, and her family's everyday life within their village. This is a rare opportunity to see life in a remote area of China.

This film explores themes from the exhibition Vanishing Traditions: Textiles and Traditions of Southwest China. (NHK International, 1993, 45 minutes.)

This program is part of the museum's weekly Textiles at Twelve series, which explores textile arts and global cultures through films, lectures, gallery talks, and more. Free, no reservations required.