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SOLD OUT: Workshop: Korean Embroidery

Kim Tae Ja, Korean Embroidery Master Craftsman

This workshop is sold out, but we hope you will join us for another upcoming program at the museum.

Embroidery has a long tradition in Korea, dating as far back as the Three Kingdoms Period (4th–7th centuries). In this adult workshop organized by the Korean Cultural Center, master embroiderer Kim Tae Ja will teach participants how to embroider a hand mirror with flowers, leaves, and other designs.

Traditional Korean embroidery can be divided largely into court embroidery and private embroidery. Court embroidery is done by professionals in the palace to embellish living decorations, clothing ornaments, and jewelry, or to adorn paintings. Private embroidery is done by women on household items such as cloth, spoon covers, and children's clothes. While court embroidery follows the standards of the court, private embroidery clearly shows the individuality of each person.

Before the workshop, Hye Ran Jung, curator at Sookmyung Women's University Museum in Korea, will give a brief introduction to Korean embroidery. After the workshop, enjoy a selection of Korean refreshments.

This program is a collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center and is supported by KOFICE as part of the Traveling Korean Arts project. Free, but reservations are required. Register online or call 202-994-7394.