Film: "Immortal Egypt: Invasion"

In the final episode of this BBC documentary series, professor Joan Fletcher discovers how Egypt's enemies exploited a country weakened by internal strife, ultimately leading to its destruction.

Fletcher then leaves Egypt and journeys south to Sudan where she finds the remarkable story of the forgotten Nubian kings. For a century, they ruled Egypt from their southern homeland, even building their own pyramids to bury their kings. Back in upper Egypt, she finds the next group of invaders, the Saites, discovering how they had taken the Egyptian tradition of mummification to new extremes by preserving millions of animals.

Finally in Luxor temple, she discovers the shrine of Alexander the Great, founder of one of the greatest cities on earth.

(60 minutes, Lion Television, 2015.)

This program is inspired by the exhibition Woven Interiors: Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt and is part of the museum's weekly Textiles at Twelve series, which explores textile arts and global cultures through films, lectures, gallery talks, and more. Free; no reservations required.