Green: the Color and the Cause

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Many cultures traditionally associate the color green with nature and its attributes, including life, fertility, and rebirth. In recent years, green has become the symbolic color of environmentalism. This exhibition celebrated green both as a color and as a cause, exploring the techniques people have devised to create green textiles, the meanings this color has held in cultures across time and place, and the ways that contemporary textile artists and designers are responding to concerns about the environment.

The exhibition included a selection of work from the museum’s collections, along with extraordinary work by contemporary artists and designers from five continents. For the first time in the museum’s almost ninety-year history, this exhibition presented two site specific installations―a handmade paper sculpture of the eco-system of coastal New Jersey which emulated the ebb and flow of an important estuary and a lace-covered arbor in the museum’s garden embedded with grass seed.

The Green exhibition and website are made possible in part through generous support from The Coby Foundation, Ltd., E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Foundation, an anonymous donor, Virginia McGehee Friend, and Martex Fiber Southern Corp. / Jimtex Yarns.