Tunic, Peru, The Textile Museum 91.341

Workshop: Motifs, Migrations, and Misappropriations

Frau Fiber, "Fast Fashion" artist

Artist and activist Frau Fiber (Carole Frances Lung) is a textile super hero who uses pedagogical, material, and playful approaches to teach communities about the human cost of mass production and consumption. Her legacy project, the Sewing Rebellion, is a national campaign to “stop shopping and start sewing!” The Rebellion empowers people through skill-sharing, facilitates community building, and advocates for change in the fashion and textile industry. Join the rebellion in this hands-on workshop that reimagines a Syrian tunic from the Textile Museum collections using discarded t-shirts, remnants of our consumer culture. 

This program relates to the exhibition Fast Fashion/Slow Art at the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design. Free, but reservations are required. Register online or call 202-994-7394.