Fashion on Film: The Next Black

Woman holding a textile up to the light above her head


Join us at the museum for the final screening in our Fashion in Film summer series focused on sustainable fashion.

“The Next Black” considers how new technologies, innovations and a growing demand for sustainability will alter the fashion system. The documentary brings together designers, material engineers and industry leaders to question how we may produce, care for and discard (or not discard) clothes in the future. Featuring labels such as Patagonia, Adidas, Biocouture and Studio XO, the interviewees question the necessity of mass production of clothing and introduce technology and “smart textiles” that may help us consume less while feeling more fulfilled in our purchases. (House of Radon in collaboration with AEG, 2014, 47 minutes.)

How to Participate

This program will take place in person at the museum. Space is limited, so please register online to reserve your spot.

About Fashion on Film

This summer film festival presents three documentaries focused on sustainable fashion, followed by lively discussions led by industry leaders. Fashion on Film is a collaboration with Tribute Collective’s Intermission series. Browse upcoming programs