Fashion on Film: Hats of Jerusalem

A man wearing a “shtreimel” hat looking out over the city of Jerusalem with the Dome of the Rock clearly visible.
An Orthodox Jewish man in a traditional “shtreimel” hat looking out over Jerusalem. © Mlenny/


Join us for a discussion of this whimsical documentary exploring the incredible variety of hats in Jerusalem, and the ethnicities, nationalities and religions they represent.

A visitor to Jerusalem is immediately struck by the incredible variety of people who throng the narrow passageways of the old city. It soon becomes clear that specific groups within this crowd can be distinguished by their hats and headgear, which come in many shapes, sizes, textures and colors.

The documentary “Hats of Jerusalem” reveals the history and story behind each type of hat. (Nati Adler, 2005, 52 minutes.)

How to Participate

To participate, simply sign up here, and then watch the film at your leisure before Thursday, October 28. The film is available to stream on Vimeo. We will email you a link and instructions for joining our group discussion on Zoom. When you register, you can also ask to receive a reminder email one day before the program with the link included.

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