D.C. Mondays: Listening to Lincoln on the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, a rectangular neo-classical building, with green trees on either side and a small body of water in front
View of the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C. © mixmotive/iStock.com.


Abraham Lincoln regarded the survival of representative self-government in the United States and true emancipation of the formerly enslaved as inseparably linked. In this talk, Georgetown University professor Chandra Manning examines how Americans have used the Lincoln Memorial to further the ongoing work of realizing the nation’s ideals. 

About Chandra Manning

Chandra Manning is a professor of history at Georgetown University where she teaches U.S. history, chiefly of the 19th century, including classes on slavery and emancipation, Lincoln, citizenship, the Civil War, the American Revolution and the history of baseball. Dr. Manning completed a Ph.D. in history at Harvard University in 2002.

How to Participate

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