Film: "Daughters of Anatolia"

Daughters of Anatolia follows the Gök family, a group of nomadic goat herders, as they travel on the “Göҫ,” or seasonal migration, from temperate winters along the Mediterranean Sea to cool summers in the Taurus Mountains. It is a route their ancestors pursued for a thousand years in order to provide forage for their animals throughout the year. Like their predecessors, the Gök family relies on their 350 goats for sustenance and livelihood. They make, eat, and sell cheese and yogurt from the milk; they shear, spin, weave, and sell goat wool; and they butcher the animals for their own meat consumption. (Halé Sofia Schatz, 2015, 56 minutes.)

This program relates to the exhibition A Nomad's Art: Kilims of Anatolia and is a collaboration with the American Turkish Association of Washington, DC. Free, no reservations required.