Lecture/Show and Tell: Coptic Egyptian Textiles and Archaeologist Albert Gayet

Nancy Arthur Hoskins, author, teacher, and fiber artist

Frescoes, paintings, mosaics, and sculptures from all over the Roman Empire depict distinctive textiles, such as those found in Coptic Egyptian burial sites dating from the third through the seventh century. These colorful tapestries illustrate birds, fish, fruit, flowers, portraits, geometric motifs, religious symbols, and narrative scenes both classical and Christian. In this lecture, Hoskins will discuss the Coptic fabrics found by French archeologist Albert Gayet and the subsequent exhibitions in early twentieth-century Paris. Hoskins will share slides from research in over eighty museums around the world, examples from her own personal collection of Coptic fragments, and handwoven recreations of ancient textiles.

This program is presented by the International Hajji Baba Society and the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt. Free: no reservations required.