Gallery Talk: Byzantine Selections from "Woven Interiors"

Warren T. Woodfin, Kallinikeion Associate Professor of Byzantine Studies, City University of New York

The exceptionally well-preserved textiles in Woven Interiors: Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt sit at the crossroads of several cultures and periods—late Roman, Persian, Coptic, early Byzantine, and Islamic—and stand as testament to the kinds of textiles that would have been used throughout the early Byzantine Mediterranean. Warren Woodfin, associate professor at City University of New York and fellow in Byzantine Studies at Dumbarton Oaks, will lead a gallery talk focused on the Byzantine aspects of artworks in the exhibition, and the ways they reflect the cosmopolitan, Greek-speaking culture of the Eastern Roman Empire, to which Egypt belonged until the Islamic conquest in the 7th century.

This program is part of the museum's weekly Textiles at Twelve series, which explores textile arts and global cultures through films, lectures, gallery talks, and more. Free; no reservations required.