Lecture/Show-and-Tell: Tradition and Theatricality in the Bullfighter’s "Traje de Luces"

Andrea Gallelli Huezo, art historian and architect, GW Art History Program

In Spain, dressing in the traje de luces (suit of lights) is a ritual and the medium by which a man transforms into a torero (bullfighter). Art historian Andrea Gallelli Huezo explores the interdependent relationship between the theatricality of the traje, the corrida de toros (bullfight), and the birth and evolution of the traje. Huezo will also explain how Francisco de Goya’s fascination with the corrida de toros infused his Tauromaquia (a series of thirty-three prints on bullfighting) with outstanding vitality, accuracy, and astonishing psychological realism. In turn, Goya’s art inspired artists, bullfighters, tailors, and even the traje de luces itself.

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