Lecture/Show and Tell: Ottoman Rug and Textile Masterpieces in Budapest

Simon Ferenc Toth, photographer and designer

The Budapest Museum of Applied Arts holds the world’s second largest collection of Ottoman Turkish carpets. Due to its geographic location, Hungary had major diplomatic and trade ties with the Ottoman Empire. This resulted in the import of a significant quantity of luxury goods to the Kingdom of Hungary, including exquisite textiles and carpets. In this talk, Simon Ferenc Toth discusses 15th- to 18th-century masterpieces of Islamic art from this rich collection.

Attendees are encouraged to bring in Ottoman rugs and other textiles from their personal collections for a show and tell following the talk.

Rug and Textile Appreciation Mornings bring together textile experts and enthusiasts for a thematic show and tell of personal pieces. Free; no reservations required. The museum's Arthur D. Jenkins Library will be open for special Saturday hours following this program, from 1–4 p.m.